At Courageous Women of Dirt, we specialize in being the platform to develop new and established women riders to be prepared not scared and become one with their mountain bike!



​​​​Mission Statement: To build excitement, enthusiasm, education and encouragement into women through the sport of mountain biking in a safe and structured day.

Courageous Women of Dirt was inspired by "Women's Only Weekend" that was held for years in Big Bear where my love and confidence began on a mountain bike. Thanks Ann Hall for all your hard work over those years as now I know what you went through to make it happen.

In addition, my mother's unhealthy state inspired me to encourage women to get out of their comfort zone and embrace adventure and learn to love themselves enough to play like a little girl for a while.

"COUR" from the word Courageous means of the heart. This day is a day that will give your heart wings
Carpe Diem!!!!

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Trail Angel Open House/Post CWOD Event Ride:

Saturday, June 4th

Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park

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